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 Want a budget-friendly gutter repair professional who cares about customer satisfaction and a job that lasts?

            If so, you've come to the right place. 

Repairing gutters is an area of home improvement where short cuts are commonplace.

The repair looks good for a while, but too often doesn't last because someone didn't go through the extra steps using higher quality adhesives and fasteners that are built to endure.  

Your best insurance against such shortcomings is finding a guttering pro who is more interested in doing the job right than getting out in the quickest way possible.

Are there contractors like that in St Louis?

Meet Bill Feil, owner and operator of GutterX . . .

Gutter service that just looks good from the ground is not good enough for Bill. His work is completed in a manner that is consistent with best practices.

It's the kind of craftsmanship that's not so easy to find these days - and you'll get peace of mind and long-lasting results you can depend upon.  

When gutter installation and protection is needed, it's good to know GutterX is a certified installing company for Leaf Relief, a system known for 100% debris efficiency. 


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"I was so impressed by his meticulous work." 

-G. Sparrow, Saint Louis, MO


 This patented product is very reasonable to install, works with virtually any kind of roof slopes and is nearly undetectable from the ground.

It's also highly pest resistant and does not cave in - a common problem with so many gutter guard products.


Leaf Relief comes with a manufacturer's 10-Year Limited Warranty and is a proven winner when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

It commonly saves you lots of money too. Gutter Guards St Louis can give you a better understanding of why we use that solution.

No matter what kind of guttering help you need, take advantage of Bill's many years of experience and reliable work, because guttering repairs done poorly leads to more problems in the future.

It's the same way with inferior products or poor workmanship. Your home is too important to take chances on just any St Louis gutter contractor.

Call 314 581 4131 today for a free gutter installation or repair estimate.

Yes, we also install and do gutter cleaning.

Stay safe! Let us do the high work for you.

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Bill Feil, guttering contractor of highly trusted GutterX  -

 Known throughout St Louis and St Charles for great prices and customer satisfaction. 

Call 314 581 4131

"I would like to thank Bill with Gutterx for a excellent job well done.

This company was quick to respond with a quote and got the job done quickly and clean, even with a pending thunderstorm. I would highly recommend this company." 

Thank you, Keith F. (a Thumbtack review)


All Work Guaranteed!

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Above- Gutter screens laying on the grass after we pulled them down on a job.

Maple seeds and other small debris are some reasons why we don't recommend screens.

GutterX strives to never disappoint a single customer. It's guaranteed top quality work at a price you can afford.

This is where you can learn more about gutter cleaning if that's what you need as we are an exceptional source for it. 

Locally owned and operated. Proudly serving St. Louis, St Charles MO, and surrounding areas. 

Give GutterX a call for a free gutter repair estimate. 

314 581 4131

You'll be glad you did.

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                                    -Steve S. of St Louis on a Thumbtack review

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